Mocingbird's research team has verified and validated with the Board of Registration in Medicine for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the most up-to-date CME requirements. Here is a quick summary of things that you must know:

CME Requirement Changes Due to Covid-19

Governor Baker declared a State of Emergency in Massachusetts to respond to COVID-19. For the duration of this state of emergency and until December 31, 2020, the continuing medical education requirement for physicians is suspended. 

Any physician with a CME requirement whose license is due for renewal on April 2, 2020 through and including Dec. 31, 2020 will not be required to complete any CME requirement.

Board Requirement Checklist: Massachusetts for (MD/DO)

  • Complete 50 credits of continuing medical education

License Renewal Cycle Time for Massachusetts

  • Renewal cycle: every 2 years
    • Due: 4 weeks prior to your birth date
    • License expires at 11:59 p.m. on your birthday every 2 years
  • Due date exceptions:
    • If your birthday falls within 3 months of the original license date, then renewal is 2 years from the birthday of the initial license year
    • If your birthday calls on Feb 29, renewal will be set to Feb 28th

Mandatory Requirements to Fulfill the 50 CME Credits

  • Must complete a minimum of 3 credits in Opioid Education and Pain Management 
    • Opioid education and pain management training may be used toward a licensee's required risk management credits of continuing professional education
  • Must complete a minimum of 10 Credits in Risk Management
  • Must read Chapters 1.00-3.00 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations Title 243 (qualifies for 6 CME Credits, and may apply towards Risk Management requirement) 


If you have completed:

- 3 credits in Opioid Education and Pain Managemen

-Chapters 1.00-3.00 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations Title 243 

You will only need to complete 1 more CME credit for Risk Management during the renewal.

If you have completed:
You will only need to complete 1 more CME credit for Risk Management during the renewal.

6 Mandatory One-time Licensure Requirements 

The following 6 rules are one-time licensure requirements that you only need to complete once for your Board License in Massachusetts. Applicants must complete the following requirements prior to submitting an application to the Board. And must be completed as a condition for renewal, revival or reinstatement of licensure.

  1. For physicians that serve an adult population, must complete Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias training requirement 
    • This is waived if you obtained your initial license between 1/1/2020 and 1/1/2021, or if you have renewed your Board license in 2019.
    • If you don’t qualify for the waivers mentioned above, this requirement’s completion due date is Nov 6, 2022.
    • Board has not yet determined which training course will be accepted for this requirement, once that has been decided the Board will reach out to the physicians via email to complete the required training course
  2. Complete 2 credits in End-of-Life Care Issues
  3. Complete 3 credits in Electronic Health Records proficiency
  4. Complete training in Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
  5. Complete Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence Training
  6. Complete registration with MassHealth

For more detailed information, please visit Board of Registration in Medicine for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

*Requirements are subject to change. Please refer to your Mocingbird account for the most up-to-date accurate information.*

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