Mocingbird's research team has verified and validated with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing with the most up-to-date CME requirements. Here is a quick summary of things you must know:

License Renewal Cycle Time for Massachusetts

  • Massachusetts state licenses for NPs must be renewed in even-numbered years on your birthday.
    • Example: If you were born on February 18th and your last renewal was in 2020, you must renew your license on February 18th of 2022.
  • Note: If this is your first renewal, you do not have to complete any continuing education requirements

Board Rule Checklist: State of Massachusetts(NP)

  • Complete 15 contact hours of continuing education
    • Due date: Every 2 years at renewal 
  • Maintain Registered Nurse License 
    • Due date: Every 2 years at renewal 
  • If you prescribe controlled substances: complete the prescriber training requirement continuing education
    • Due date: On March 1st of every odd-numbered year
  • If you are enrolled in MassHealth: you must re-enroll in MassHealth 
    • Due date: Every 5 years from your last re-enrollment 

Massachusetts State Specific One Time Requirements

  • Complete the one-time Alzheimer’s training
    • Due date: By November 7th, 2022
  • Complete the one-time domestic and sexual violence training 
    • Due date: By first license renewal 

For more detailed information, please visit the Massachusetts government website. 

*Requirements are subject to change. Please refer to your Mocingbird account for the most up-to-date accurate information.*

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