Mocingbird's research team has verified and validated with Medical Board of California with the most up-to-date CME requirements. Here is a quick summary of things you must know:

Medical Board Rule Checklist: California

  • Complete 50 hours of continuing medical education
  • State license renewal every 2 years
    • Quick self-check: If your initial license was issued 
      • After 7/1/2018, then your license renewal is due at midnight on last day of issue month
      • Before 7/1/2018, then license renewal is due at midnight on last day of your birth month

Special Requirement Checklist:

  1. If you hold a specialty in family or internal medicine with 25% or more patient population over the age of 65. 
    • Must complete 10 hours of continuing medical education in geriatric medicine
  2. If your initial California medical license was issued on or after 1/1/2002
    • Must complete the CME requirement in Pain Management and the Treatment of Terminally Ill and Dying Patients (exception: pathologist and radiologists are exempt).
    • Two options to complete this requirement:
      1. Due within 4 years of initial licensure or by second renewal date, whichever occurs first (date of issue + 4 years)
        • Complete 12 CME hours in pain management and the treatment of terminally ill and dying patients
      2. Due on the first license renewal date after initial licensure (date of issue + 2 years)
        • Complete 12-hour CME course on the treatment and management of opiate-dependent patients (must include 8 hours of training in buprenorphine treatment/similar medicinal treatment for opioid use disorders)

*Side note: the special CME requirement credits will qualify towards the total 50 hours of CME. 

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For more information, visit the Medical Board of California website for more details. 

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